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Ms. Jenny's Home Child Care Schedule

Hours of Operation

 I am open Monday-Friday (Please call for specific hours)

Rates and Hours of Operation (based on each families individual needs)



Children learn through continuously exploring and interacting with their environment, which includes the emotional climate of a child care setting as well as the physical space. Children need safe spaces for quiet and active play (both inside and outdoors), safe spaces for sleeping, and spaces to interact one-on one with me as their caregiver. Within the environment they need toys and activities selected primarily for individual interests and abilities rather than one-size-fits-all group play.

Through nurturing guidance and a developmentally appropriate curriculum I aim to create a learning environment that promotes skills in the areas of: visual and creative arts, math, science, physical development, social/emotional health, approaches to learning, language and literacy, This learning approach inspires children to think in more ways: by using creativity, compassion and resourcefulness. This time-tested approach instills a love of learning and discovery that will help your child develop at his or her pace thus allowing for success in learning for years to come.  

My program is Quality rated through Colorado Shines

A Colorado Shines rating demonstrates a provider's commitment to quality. To date this is a voluntary program. The program is notorious for being very time consuming and rigorous. It requires over 15 hours of shadowed coaching with a credentialed early childhood professional during business hours as well as many additional months of preparation in the way of classes and testing.  Together my coach and I have fine tuned my Learning Center to meet the needs of the children enrolled in my program by focusing my attention to these 5 areas:

~Workforce and Professional Development
~ Family Partnerships
~Leadership, Management and Administration

~Learning Environment
~Child Health   

My Home-based Learning Center is rated a high level 3!!

Why Does Quality Matter?? 

You may think about many different factors when choosing care for your child. Cost, location and availability are all important considerations -- but the program’s safety and quality are the most important. 

Here’s why: The early years of life are very important for all areas of children’s learning and development. That’s because the human brain develops faster during the first five years than at any other time in a person’s life! High-quality child care and preschool programs support children during a sensitive and important time of life. Research shows that quality child care and preschool programs help children prepare for kindergarten and success in school and create a love for learning that will last throughout a child's life.


I look forward to sharing my Home-Based Learning Center with you.  Call for a private tour today.  

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