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A Little About Myself

Your Trusted Child Care Provider

I’ve had a passion for children since I was a child myself. When I was growing up, I was always the role of "mother's helper".  It all started when my little sister was born and came home from the hospital. She was MY BABY! Right then and there I knew I had a passion for caring, and it was only natural that I would focus on children. Wanting to be a stay-at-home mom I decided that owning and operating a learning center in my home would allow me the best of both working parent and stay-at-home mommy.  My vision for a quality child care program came into clear focus and I opened my doors in the fall of 1998.

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My Experience

Years of Working With Children

Experienced Early Childhood Educator and 

Owner and Operator of private early learning center. 

September 1998- current date

It is hard for me to believe that I have been caring for young children for nearly 20 years! I am still in love with my job!  While working in this position, I have gained valuable experience guiding young children so they’d reach their milestones. I have become a trusted and integral part of each family and am still in touch with many of the children and families I have taken care of. Hearing from them and knowing I’ve affected their lives fills me with pride.

Nanny for Various Families


During my summers I ALWAYS had families in need of my services.  I delivered trustworthy care that parents wanted. I looked after up to 3 children at a time while at this position. I supervised them at play, read stories, comforted them, and helped them grow. While at this position, I saw firsthand the positive impact that kindness and compassion can have on a child’s development. Working with children of various ages also helped me create and learn techniques that has allowed me to care for children no matter what age.


Outstanding Childcare

Ms. Jenny’s Personal Philosophy of Early Childhood Education



     I believe that my role as an early childhood educator is one of great importance. It is my goal to help encourage learning that is “child-led” and supported by a teacher that is respectful and mindful. I hold fast to the belief that PLAY is a “child’s work”.  I will encourage play that is stimulating, creative and full of discovery!  I promise to see each child as his/her own person with different abilities, interests, beliefs and cultures.  


     I believe children learn best when they are able to express their own interest! My weekly activities are built with these interests in mind.  I incorporate the ideas the children share with me in our monthly curriculum. I try my best to assess each child’s learning style as no two children learn in the same ways.  I provide age appropriate materials to enhance each child’s learning experience. Both structured and open-ended activities are encouraged. 


     I have a strong belief in embracing diversity.  Embracing diversity is pivotal to creating a warm and welcoming learning environment in today’s classroom.  Children come to me with different personalities, learning styles, special needs, and cultural differences.  All are welcomed in my home learning center and in my LIFE!  Children with special needs will be thoughtfully welcomed into my learning environment.  I will work with families and come up with specific strategies to incorporate the needs of each child enrolled.   Considerations with regards to the layout of my residence will be carefully reviewed prior to enrollment with regards to physical limitations. Resources are available in our community and if needed I will share the appropriate information and materials. 


     My belief and approach to behavioral issues are quite simple.  Children really want to be good!  I believe this whole-heartedly.  The problem is they are just learning about feelings, relationships, friendships, and self-regulation.  Every attempt at defiance or rebellion is a time that I can TEACH. I do not believe in time-out. To me it isn’t a great learning tool. Instead, I feel redirection is a better choice.  I work a lot on how we feel, how other’s feel, and how we are in charge of treating each other safe.  I encourage the children in my care to try to speak to one another and attempt at resolving problems themselves before I intervene.  I will only step in to facilitate if needed. I feel this so important! Too often adults take over when really children are really quite capable if given the opportunity to do so.  In no circumstance do I feel corporal punishment is an appropriate.  EVER! 


     Parent’s thoughts and ideas are welcome and appreciated. I feel a sense of continuity from home to school is important to a healthy relationship between a child’s home and mine.  I ask parent’s to share any customs, traditions, or ideas they have.  I try my best to incorporate them into my learning center.  I believe communication is the key to a successful relationship!  I welcome any feedback with an open mind and heart!  I work with my families to maintain a healthy and positive working relationship filled with mutual respect and understanding. 

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