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Reviews and Testimonials

"I have known Jenny for several years and was her son's private speech therapist when he was young. I was in her home and observed her daycare before ever having my own children. So when I had my own children, there was no question that I wanted Jenny to care for them. She provides the perfect mix of structure and free play that developing children need in the infant thru toddler stage. Jenny provides a language rich environment where she is conscious of developmental milestones in all areas of early childhood development. She is a trusted advisor on sensitive parenting issues such as behavior, potty training, eating issues, etc. Jenny makes it a lot easier to be a working parent because I know my children are thriving and learning more than what I can provide them if I was a stay at home mom. She not only provides for their needs but truly loves the kids in her home."

Sara H.

"Ms. Jenny took care of our son Mon-Fri from the time he was 11 months old until he was three and a half. We love Ms. Jenny like family and couldn't have been happier with the care our son (and his moms) received from her. We were thankful that she embraced our non-traditional family, which was something we were apprehensive about when first seeking childcare. I highly recommend Ms. Jenny's Home Childcare. It's a clean, loving, and creative environment. Our child thrived while in her care and was more than prepared to enter preschool. Jenny loves each of the children and goes out of her way to connect with the families too. She was a wonderful teammate in raising our son during the early years. There is so much more I could say, but I think you get the idea—Ms. Jenny is a remarkable human and someone who I knew would keep my child’s best interest in mind at all times."

Nicole P.

"Jenny is the miracle my family needed in child care. We tried a daycare center and nanny shares and all those situations were full of either drama or ridiculous amounts of illness and nothing lasted more than a year. When I was calling around for a new setup, I was resigned to the idea that nothing would be perfect. After a few in-home daycare disappointments, I found Jenny. From the moment I saw her facility, complete with state-of-the-art playground setup and separate rooms for any child who needed it for their nap, I was sold. What I did not know, is that Jenny would give me so much more than a great facility and a track record with tons of experience. Jenny has given us 2 years of the best care I can imagine. She is the 3rd parent in my family and that is how and why my children love her. She is a trusted advisor on tough issues like potty training and discipline and pulls more than her share of the weight with supporting commonsense (not punitive) systems we agree on. She is absolute magic with my infant who started with a diagnosis of colic and is now the mellowest baby I know which I credit to her know-how and touch. As a working mom, who happens to work as an elementary school principal, I give Jenny credit for my career. With her support, I feel good about staying at my job because I am watching my family grow and thrive in ways that are even better than I could give them if I stayed home."

Sara O.

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